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Philharmonic Audio back and taking pre-orders

2020.08.22 19:46 overgme Philharmonic Audio back and taking pre-orders
Looks like Dennis Murphy is now officially taking pre-orders after finding a business partner to revive Philharmonic Audio. The initial line-up will include updated BMR's and a new mini. The BMRs' new cabinets look about as nice as any version of the BMR ever offered outside of the Salk varieties. It's also got a new woofer, which is somewhat more efficient but has a bit less power handling than the old Scanspeak. He's selling them for $1,700, which is still an insane deal for such a highly regarded speaker (as a point of reference, you can currently buy unassembled cabinets + kits for BMRs that run somewhere between $1,300 - $1,500 depending upon exactly what options you get. So he's adding an incredibly low markup for fully assembled speakers). His initial run is going to be rather small (I think he's said only about 35 pairs), so if you're one of those people who waited too long his first go around, might want to reach out to Dennis.
For those unfamiliar with Philharmonic, Dennis Murphy, or the BMR, he's a super highly regarded cross-over designer who's worked with Salk Sound forever. But he's also put out his own speakers over the years, almost always to great critical acclaim and for ridiculously low prices for the components he's using. Shortly before Philharmonic shut down the last time, Audioholics gave his BMR's a sterling review, and to this day they still routinely reference it as the best measuring wide-dispersion speaker they've ever tested (it is literally their example of a great wide dispersion speaker they use on their video series discussing the relative merits of wide vs narrow dispersion). Amir over at Audio Science Review also recently tested one of Dennis' super-cheap older models, and was so impressed he asked Dennis if he could buy the sample pair he had sent. And Erin over at Erin's Audio Corner also recently subjected BMR's to a Kippel review and came away strongly recommending them.
As someone who's owned my BMRs for about a year and a half, I'll vouch for both them and Dennis. Dennis himself is a super nice guy who's always willing to help or offer advice, and who takes any criticisms of his speakers as helpful suggestions rather than attacks. As for the BMRs, they are remarkably neutral speakers that have extremely wide and accurate dispersion. That comes at a little cost of pinpoint imaging, but gains an extremely wide and deep soundstage. Really, their biggest weakness is they're not very efficient, so they aren't the best bet for big rooms. But for smaller to mid-sized rooms they're an incredible value.
Super happy for Dennis that he's found a way to bring his business back, and hope it's a success. He's one of the good guys in audio.
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