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Why the Next Episode will Break the Fandom.

2016.02.11 04:02 TotalWarfare Why the Next Episode will Break the Fandom.

Now before I begin, I neither condone nor condemn the Bumblebee ship.
Now, the last and final preview of RWBY has a whole group of the subreddit in quite a buzz. Yes, Blake holds Yang's hand while they're both on the ground. and since then, I have seen (and heard) quite a commotion from the shippers of Bumblebee that it is now canon. However, I can not support such an idea this early in the life of RWBY. It is far too soon for a canon ship, and far too much teasing from Miles and Kerry to let this go without backlash. Quite simply, no matter what happens this next episode with Blake and Yang, it will lead to the community being in a negative feeling over RWBY. I shall now explain.
Miles and Kerry are masters of teasing us. So much so, that if the fandom was a woman, our panties would be on the ground and our ass would be in the air already. Yes, vulgar, yes... possible crude. But it gets the fucking point across. As such, they have been teasing us on a potential FxF ship since the dawn of the show. How so? Monty or someone else did explain there was a potential LGBT characters(s). There's a link to find for this, if someone can find that for me. Then we have the dance scene with Blake and Yang. Literally causes most of the sub back then to go insane for that. Hell, Barbara and Arryn ship it, which again... made the fandom squee with glee over such action. Basically, this past episode and this tease has sent a clear message to the shippers of this community that Bumblebee will be or is now canon. Now, why is this so bad? Why does it sound like I have a hatred for the Buzz? Well, besides it being GOD DAMN ANNOYING TO HEAR "not the bees!" or other bee related things in discord, to ship characters at this point is poor writing and really... it will end badly.
What Miles and Kerry have done has been push the idea of Bumblebee, the teasing, the scenes, the small hints, to the point that if they do not deliver, the sub will basically maul their asses. However, if they give in and let the ship be canon now, it will be rushed and poorly done. Here is the problem. By messing with our emotions to the point that now the very movement of a hand by Blake is enough to send some users into a THIRTY GODDAMN MINUTE spree of emotional euphoria, they have forced themselves into a corner. To make it canon, will have rushed a relationship that I believe should take multiple seasons to bring out and get to a point to have the girls date and love. To not make it canon will lead to the fans here asking for Miles and Kerry's heads due to the teasing. Now, I will explain why the scenes and teases we have gotten are actually not teases of romance, in order to prove that this relationship is still growing.
To start from the most recent:
  1. Blake touching Yang's hand can be seen as a gesture of caring for a teammate. It does not have to be romantic. What has been done is the shipper community has placed a romantic connection on this. Blake could simply be going "I'm sorry..." to her.
  2. Yang's fight against Blake's ex creep. Let's be honest, ANYONE would do what Yang did. The reason the writers have Yang do it is because one: she is readily available and two: the connotations of having Yang and Blake together. Again: fueling the the fans.
  3. Now, when Adam says he'll destroy everything she loves, this can be commonly referred to as romantic love. But let's be honest, women say they love their friends. It does not mean there is some lesbo thing going on... unless my best friend has been lying to me. As such, the key words here is again to stir the BB shippers.
  4. The dance scene with Yang and Blake is another example of women being with their friends. Unless you've never been to a high school dance, you know that girls will dance with each other, usually to AVOID BOYS. This, and again, women are weird at the late teens and havin this weird friendship with other girls that some may think is lesbian in nature. WHEN IT'S NOT.
  5. This ENTIRE GOD DAMN SCENE. Now, yes, this scene has strong emotions and potential for the rise of the ship, but lets pick it apparent. Yang's good friend, most likely BEST friend, is just about to collapse from exhaustion. Yang goes to get her back to her senses. Now, this is a normal friend thing to do, to help a friend in trouble. I do it quite often. Nothing romantic here. Now, the offer a dance could be an incentive to get Blake to go. A dance with your friend is a good way to ease the tension in a dance as it could calm nerves for Blake. Again, no need for romance. Last but not least with this scene.... the hug. UNLESS YOU'RE AN UNEMOTIONAL PRICK WHO DOESN'T HUG, this is normal. Again, nothing romantic if you think about it. PHysical contact with Blake is abnormal, due to Blake's.... cat like nature if you will. To make a hug snaps the girl out of her lull, which it does. I have seen it done, hell... I've had it done. (so many god damn hugs by friends -.-') It just occurs.
Now, you may be asking why I have decided to target Bumblebee over say... Arkos. That's because Arkos shippers are not raving mad and it has been taking a slow progress. Bumblebee should be taking the same path but it hasn't. It has rather taken the path in the eyes of the community of a Roleplay ship. It's moving too fast to be truly romantic. I have seen slow romances build up, and it's much more rewarding for the shippers if they do take a slow course. My example is FMA. I won't explain further because it's a show you all should watch. (This is coming from an anti-weeb).
In conclusion, I make a plea to all you shippers out there. Before you go and act rash and GO INSANE over the potential of your ship becoming canon, think for a moment. Is this really what will happen, or am I being played by the authors to get a reaction to watch the show. Most likely than not these days, it's the latter. So, please... think. Also, Miles and Kerry have lined themselves up to set up a potentially nasty end game. No matter what happens, it will piss people off.
I will be happy to argue any points that feel like I have glossed over. Again, I do not condemn nor condone the ship, but I do condemn the rash behavior some fans have had in the last couple weeks. It's immature, obnoxious, and makes the rest of the community look like raving lunatics who wants animated characters to fuck.
TLDR: for Saturday to BB shippers...
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